Large scale art on West Runton Beach, Norfolk, made by the Splinter group, using soot to create a giant carbon footprint.

'Carbon Footprint' beach drawing by Splinter Group

work in progress - creating the Carbon Footprint
The images createad by the five artists are arrived at through a free sharing of ideas, thoughts and responses. Environmental concerns and observation of the behaviours of materials are two themes which weave in and out of these collaborations.

Carbon footprint was a very direct response to the fact that we are all increasingly aware of our carbon footprint, and the sheer size of its accumulative impact.
This black, vivid image makes a very clear visual statement with no need for accompanying words.
It is especially effective on the beach because the beach itself describes rising sea levels and a changing environment by its very nature.
Splinter group evolved as an active group through a process of regular meetings, conversation and genuine, open collaboration between five established artists whose standard practice is usually to work alone.