It's A Thing... the cat book

It's A Thing - new book by Jessica Perry
Witty drawings and wry observations tell the tale of
everyday domestic irritations as seen by the cat.
Noticing the small stuff, this small, beautiful
illustrated book combines humour and irony.
Jessica's book of cat drawings and wry observational text grew from her lifelong enjoyment of the doodle, the throwaway scrap of paper and noticing the small stuff.
'Sarcastic Cat' began emerging as a motif for Jessica some years ago, but given a year or so of relative solitude, it festered happily, until it became...A Thing.
As a beautifully produced 48 page artist's book (with 7 fold-out inserts) this is the very thing for anyone with a sense of humour and an understanding of cats.

Selling at £10.00, plus £2.00 p&p