Collaborations and Exhibitions
Land art along 100m of beach at Happisburgh, Norfolk, using ground chalk.

Cutting Edge by the Splinter Group

Cutting Edge: 100m of giant chalk image on Happisburgh Beach
'The Cutting Edge' playfully describes the struggle between the North Sea, biting at this coastline, and the attempts by man to control and define these changes. To "cut along the dotted line..." implies control of our landscape, but there are enormous forces at large which are a constant source of erosion and debate. Careful planning, outsized stencils and 70kg of ground chalk went into this 100m long image.
This artwork is the latest imaginative collaboration of 'Splinter' - a group of four artists combining technique and artistic experience. Working on new ideas together has opened new routes of invention and enquiry for the four artists.

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Using natural materials to combine the actions of fire, water, earth and air, they have created live sculptures that exist briefly as an event, and then recorded as photograph.