Jessica Perry and Maggie Campbell worked together on this project as part of their work creating 'On-Site' art for clients around East Anglia.

Go Go Gorillas, Norwich 'Break' charity sculpture trail

'Driller the Gorilla', alongside 'Martin the Fundraiser' from Break.
A trail of 53 full-size gorillas around Norwich, modelled on a western lowland gorilla, were part of a 'Break' charity project.
Professional artists and schools throughout Norfolk painted the "gorilla canvasses" which were sold at a charity auction.
Money raised from the charity auction went towards the Norfolk Break charity and the Born Free Foundation to help eastern lowland gorilla conservation projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
'Driller the Gorilla' featured several 'tongue-in-cheek' items, such as the pile of sand on his back, tattoo's, a Hi-Vis vest, hard hat, a 'builders bum', and fistful of nails.

Both Jessica and Maggie have an excellent track record in working with synthetic and natural materials suitable for outdoor installation.
Jessica and Maggie Campbell collaborated on 'Driller the Gorilla', sponsored by R.G. Carter the Builders.