Collaborations and Exhibitions
Mixed media textile work made by 300 people of all ages, from children to very o.a.p's!

Big Wild Garden

300 squares in diverse technique, assembled to make the Big Wild Garden
Big Wild Garden: collaborative patchwork made by 300 people from around the UK, and from France, Ireland and USA. Using the 3" square as the only rule, participants were invited to send a patch on the theme of Big Wild Garden, the aim being to promote the work of
The patchwork is now available for display around the country, and has been displayed at the Costume and Textile Fair at Wolterton Hall, Norfolk, and at the Patchwork & Quilters Event at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich.
The patchwork was co-ordinated and assembled by a group of friends, including Jessica Perry and Meg Foster as the publicists and workshop leaders.
The patchwork is currently on display in the Snug, at Alby Crafts, Alby, Norfolk.