Truly original things to do with plastic bottles, suitable for all ages and abilites

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse and other recycled bottles

Plastic bottle greenhouse - Buxton Primary School 2010
Putting plastic bottles to good re-use: for example, the Plastic Bottle Greenhouse at Buxton Primary School, Norfolk.
Using 2 litre bottles to make a fully functional greenhouse, can also use same technique to build a gazebo or attractive windbreak wall;

(See also under 'Collaborations' for the Tour of Britain Living Art event that Jessica led at Buxton Primary School)

2 litre drink bottles also make great 'ecoflowers' as well as vases and goblets: great for family learning workshops. See Gallery for more images
Jessica transforms plastic milk bottles (of all sizes) into fabulous barn owls, geese, crows and elephants: she has led many successful workshops with adults and children of all abilities and ages, showing them the methods. She also does a fine line in Penguins, using recycled bike inner tubes, bottles and shredded paper.