Snails, Trails and Food Miles: interactive and mixed media project for primary and secondary level.

Climate change project

Concentric lines radiate around a bag of shopping, with 'snail trail' lines showing the source of these items, either local or international
Exploring how and why we travel, using patterns, maps and modelmaking, combining snail-themed physical games with personal travel diaries. Discovering what 'slow food' is, and working collaboratively to understand our own carbon footprint, to gain a clearer sense of our travel habits and where our food comes from. This specially disigned day includes making a recycled snail, with making (and eating) soup.
Jessica Perry is part of a cooperative called Artists for Climate Change. Led by Norfolk County Council, it has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark for Sustainability
The Artists for Climate Change initiative aims to support county carbon reduction targets, and to make sustainable lifestyles seem both achievable and desirable.
As a result, local artists have created a range of creative learning programmes designed to excite children and young people's imagination and understanding around issues of climate change and sustainability.

These programmes have taken the form of an Artists for Climate Change Directory. Artists are available to work in both school and community settings!/photo.php?pid=523433&id=155340724480330&ref=fbx_album