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Contact information

Hi Jessica
We have found your details online and are interested in putting you forward for consideration to a client of ours, the rspb, for whom we're doing some work in Suffolk. The project is for collaborative work with nature reserve visitors to produce a lasting record of feelings about and responses to the site.
Catherine halcrow

Cast Bronze Pig

Hi Jessica - my friend Ann Voss recently bought from you one of your cast bronze piglets as a present for the couple who were running our local pub as a leaving present. We now have another event in the village which is actually the 50th Birthday of both Ann and her husband, the 21st Birthday of their daughter and their 25th wedding anniversary. They all absolutely LOVED the pig that you had made and I was thinking that we would get them one for themselves. However, another thought crossed my mind - do you do any other animals? They have a dalmation and are 'spotty dog' mad - would you be able to 'do' a dalmation in a similar size to the pig? Not too serious - a little bit quirky. I look forward to hearing from you. Louise Stile
Louise stile

Cluster Schools Art Exhibition

Hi Jessica, we were wondering if you would like to come and open our Cluster Schools Art Exhibition at Hellesdon High School on Monday 18th July. The exhibition is of children's work from all the cluster schools in the Hellesdon, Horsford, Horsham St Faiths area. We are having a private view at 7.30pm on the 18th
and would be delighted if you could come along and open the exhibition for us. the children and staff would be delighted if you could join us. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Serena Jones, Art Teacher/Assistant Headteacher - Hellesdon High School.
Serena jones


I am a Norfolk born and bred lass, living in Surrey for some years now. Love Norfolk still. Found your website by accident, looking for creative ideas for the craft section of my local village fair and wow! what a superb site to find - so inspirational and imaginative. And when I am next in Norfolk I will find time to see your creations real.
Gill Fawcett

dereham childrens centre pic

Hi Jessica, I am an early years training consultant and I am currently writing an article on displaying outdoors in early years settings and came across your cd display at dereham. I wondered if you might allow me to submit the image with the article as a wonderful example of displaying outdoors??

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


PS the article is for Teach Nursery Magazine
Kirstine Beely

cold cast life size pheasants

Are these unique? If not how many have you/will you produce? Are they available to collect tomorrow a.m. or latest Monday a.m. How much for two? They are for a present for Tuesday for a terminally ill friend who is marrying his partner of twenty years before the worst happens, so not much time.
Dick Stocker

Cold cast bronze piglets

Please could you advise as to the availability and carriage costs of your life-size piglet @ £180.
Also the availability of the miniature adult pig and carriage costs.
I would need it by 15th April!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Ann Voss

School art week

Could you please tell me if you are available to help at our school art week which is w/c 13th June this year possibly for a day. How much do you charge? We are visiting Banham zoo as a school and would like the theme to be animals, working in either 2D or 3D. We are a primary school near wroxham in Norfolk
Dorothy Ambrose

Button necklace

Dear Jessica,

I've been meaning to get in touch with you for over a year, possibly over two years.
I'd love a button necklace and wonder if you could make one for me. I'm particularly keen to have one made with square buttons and/or an interesting shape such as a star (I don't want round or hearts - straight lines are better) and in lime green with olive green or grass green (they need to be yellow-greens as opposed to blue-greens). They can be mixed with brown or orange or amber or coral (though I might also want a necklace in orange/coral at some point) but I'd like the lime/olive/grass to dominate. And please can there be no black, grey or white?

I see from your website that the strings are also coloured and this is great - but no black, grey or white here either, if poss.

I would like to stick to colours in my spectrum - autumn, with bright autumn being best for me. Mixtures are fine - but from within the spectrum.

I expect you will need to know the length but perhaps we can talk about that - if this commission is possible to do (I realise I might be being far too specific for you - don't know what you can do at this stage!)

Joanna Biddolph

hi.... I like your work

i fondly remember your figures on a bench... was that you working with my son, Rory, at Harford Manor last year?
monty fairfoot

N &N artwork c2005

Hi Jessica, I was working as a speech and language therapist in the N&N in 2005 and have since thought a lot about the wire artwork I saw on the corridors around the hospital. Could this have been your work and do you still produce this kind of work? I would one day like to buy a piece of your artwork like this. I particularly like the eco feel to it! Best wishes, Rachael.
Rachael Filbey

winter snow stop at home

got here and loved the sight...well done and all thanks to the snow! great to see so much of your work and all those buzzy crazy ideas you have! Loved the sticky label's pictures.

your website

Great Site Jessica, it has everything, - its clear, easy to use, and packed full of your wonderful ideas and creations. Loved the giant carbon footprint, what was used to make it?


Jess I think your website is brilliant. Your work linked to our schools has been fantastic over a number of years and this site will be a brilliant resource for schools who are interested on contracting an artist with such a wide range of skills who works so brilliantly with pupils.
Vanessa Scargill

Guest book message

Fantastic website which really showcases all your wonderful work that you have done with schools.
Fiona Chant


nice clean site with great content, great work xx
luke chow

jess website

Love the website, easy to see, read & use; unlike many. love jane
jane Hodgson