A creative approach to writing, helping literacy to be active, outdoors and fun!


Spidergram on Brundall Primary school playing field 2011
An interactive game devised by Jessica Perry and Lucy Garland, with time for children to work individually, listen and share their ideas, creating new links to other stories in the web.
For Staff Training & Cluster INSET days, Spidergrams is an excellent half day course for teachers and classroom assistants, offering a creative approach to literacy. Led as a practical and enjoyable workshop, we provide clear direction and advice for further development.
Costs: £250.00 for a 2hr traing session.
For a class project: Spidergrams requires 1½ hrs min, suitable for KS 2 & above. Group size: up to 30 max.
All materials provided and included in the cost.
£250 for half day (2 x sessions)
£350 for full day (3 sessions)
Firing of clay-work optional by request if school kiln unavailable.
Spidergrams are effective with
every group, including reluctant writers, vertically streamed groups and children with mild - moderate SEN needs.
Activities and Objectives:
• Make a clay creature - Hands-on Creativity
• Design a ‘museum label’ detailing name, age, and habitat etc - Imaginative Development
• Develop a story line, with ‘paper-plate chapters’ – how far will your line go? - Teamwork
• Discover connections with other stories - Observation
• Feedback their story to the group – Listening