'Tower' made for Salthouse 10 exhibition in Norfolk. 15' high tower of white cotton shirts.

Salthouse 2010 - Cotton Tower sculpture

Tower - cotton sculpture 2010
'Tower' was made specially by Jessica Perry for Salthouse 10, in response to the set theme of 'Landmark'.
Using many recycled white shirts, stiffened with an acrylic hardener and sewn onto a lightweight bamboo frame, ‘Tower’ describes figures in flight, both adult and child, with arms raised in celebration or desperation.

Garments, worn previously as school or office wear, are now reformed as an inverted line of washing. The dirty collars have detailed text written in pencil, describing the 'dirty' industry that is the cotton trade, and within that, the irony that the uniforms of our schoolchildren create and unsustainable and inequitable life for others.

‘Tower’ becomes a figure, standing lightly and reaching for the sky, almost kite-like. The tower of Salthouse church is a landmark, windblown and prominent, and a place for generations of memories.