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Children's Parties

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Felting party - creating a felt picture
Children's 'Arty Parties', offering enjoyable 'tried-and-tested' art sessions, great for boys and girls, with a duration of 1 hour/ 1 1/2 hours/ or 2 hours, depending on what your group want to do.
Basic cost is £50.00 for 10 children, with any extra children £5.00 each. (Max recommended number 20) Venue is up to you: local village halls, in your own home, even outdoors!
Contact Jessica to discuss the options, for an exciting and fun range of 2D and 3D ideas.

Suggestions include:
FELTING - make lovely colourful felted pictures with wools.
PENGUINS - using recycled bicycle inner tubes, shredded paper and plastic bottles.
SPACESHIPS & FAIRIES – Really decorative 3D hanging sculptures for your garden.
HAIRY MAMMOTH FAMILIES - Mini-sculptures of big, little and huge mammoths or elephants.
MUSHROOM SCULPTURE – Use clay & plaster to make amazing fungi sculpture.
BEACH HUT HOUSES – Denim collage makes great mini 3D beach huts, houses and sheds.
FELT PICTURE COLLAGE – Combine beautiful coloured fleece and textiles to make your own soft picture.
MINI PETRI-PORTRAITS – Miniature pictures of family, pets or friends, enclosed in a frame, for lovely Xmas presents.
FLYING OWLS AND OTHER BIRDS - 3D hanging models of Barn Owls, Seagulls and Geese, using plastic, feathers and oil pastels.
WONDERFUL WATERCOLOURS - learn how to create beautiful, vibrant paintings with acrylic and oil pastel on cotton sheet.
HOBBIT GOBLETS - Fantasy goblets and vases inspired by The Hobbit.
SPRING NESTS - 'Random weaving’ technique to make a strong little nest to add your own decorated egg to.
STICKY ANIMALS - Transform the humble twigs into extraordinary animal sculptures with wool and buttons.
SPORTY SCULPTURE - Figure sculpture with wire, paper and silver foil to make a realistic model in 'action' pose.

Jessica can gauge the session perfectly to suit the requirements of your particular group - just give her a call to discuss the possibilities.