Outdoor Sculpture trails

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Leaf sculpture at Burlingham Woods 2009
Sculpture Trails:
includes fungi sculpture made outdoors with clay and plaster - very messy and great fun! Cocoons and nestlike woven structures using freeform weaving techniques and recycled fleece, fibres and wire.
Jessica Perry has worked on sculpture trails (seperately with Aylsham, Reepham and Acle High Schools) with GCSE students, using found scrap and waste materials)

Set in Norfolk woodland and footpaths, these sculptures use recycled and natural materials.
At Holt, large plastercast fungi made with families;
On Marriott's Way (between Aylsham and Cawston), wire and wool cocoon structures hanging from trees, with big insects., crawling amongst the branches, made with buttons and mixed textiles;
In Burlingham Woods (Nr Acle, Norfolk), textile and natural materials sculptures made with GCSE students (2007 - 2009)

See Gallery for more pictures.